Medium Crystals

Medium Crystals

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Silverline Chemicals is one of the largest Medium Crystals Manufacturers in India. Extracted from peppermint essential oils, Medium Menthol Crystals have valuable antifungal and antibacterial properties that make them suitable for multiple purposes. Its sweet aroma, minty flavour and cooling effects have increased the demand for Menthol Medium Crystals in different industries, which we meet with our consistent supply. Since ancient times, these crystals have varied applications.

It is used as a vital ingredient in skin, hair and personal care products and is common in several day-to-day things like Shampoos, Lip Balms, Conditioners, Toothpastes etc. We use advanced formulating and processing methods to provide unmatched quality. We go beyond the conventional boundaries to test the efficacy of Organic Medium Crystals before packing them for final delivery.

Merits Of Menthol Medium Crystals:

  • Clean the nasal or chest congestion and promote easier breathing.
  • Cure sinus discomfort, support a healthy immune system and stabilize the emotions.
  • Boost taste of several herbal drinks, beverages, food items and confectionery items.
  • Have antibacterial and antifungal properties that ensure Medium Crystal's effectiveness in curing headache, stomachache, nausea, sinus, common fever, cold, cough and more such health ailments.
  • Miraculously work for skin, diminish dark spots and age spots while cleaning and moisturizing the skin and leaving it to look firmer, radiant and glowing.
  • Pure Menthol Medium Crystals also contain properties that regulate oil production, remove dandruff buildup eliminate or reduce nits and lice.
  • Repairs damage, stimulate blood circulation and purify strands that promote its natural growth and bring a luster appearance to it.
  • Medium Menthol Crystals have cooling properties that help relax muscles and eases tension, headache and nausea.

Applications Of Medium Crystals:

  • Used in massage therapies and aromatherapies.
  • Used in food and confectionery items to add flavor and fragrance.
  • Used in skincare products like lotion, dark circle removal creams and more.
  • Used in hair care products, like shampoo, hair serums, hair masks, creams, and conditioners.
  • Used in making Ayurvedic and modern medicines for curing multiple health ailments.

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