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Menthol Bold

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Silverline Chemicals - one of the highly determined Menthol Bold Manufacturers in India has manufacturing expertise and excellence that stand our company ahead of the competition. If you want Menthol Bold Crystals, also known as Methylated Crystals, we are undeniably the destination you can reach. These colorless crystals are packed with minty flavor derived from Mentha Arvensis and peppermint.

Being loaded with antipruritic and analgesic properties, Menthol Bold Crystals are used to make non-prescription pharma products. These are obtained using the traditional method and contain no preservatives or artificial colors. Besides thorough manufacturing, we employ numerous tests to ensure that quality remains intact as per the defined guidelines.

Merits Of Our Menthol Bold Crystals:

  • Help ease the sore muscles and cure chest and nasal congestions effectively.
  • Have the ability to ward-off minor body aches and pains.
  • Organic Menthol Bold Crystal has properties that kill bacteria from the mouth and promote a cooling sensation.
  • Have a minty fragrance that effectively eliminates bad breath and is used for making chewing gums, candies, mouth fresheners and more.
  • Being potent with analgesic properties, Pure Menthol Bold Crystal relieves sprain, muscle cramps, period cramps, sore joints and headaches.
  • Pure Menthol Bold Crystals have natural bug-fighting properties and repel bugs and other insects.
  • Open up the hair follicle that promotes blood circulation and ensure faster hair growth while preventing hair fall.
  • Beneficial against fungal or bacterial infection in the scalp and is used as a key ingredient in various hair care products.
  • Provide cooling effects on the body and reduce inflammation due to irritation or itching.

Wonderful Uses Of Menthol Bold Crystals:

  • Used to produce perfumes and scented candles.
  • Used to make mouth fresheners, toothpaste, mouthwashes and other oral care products.
  • Used to make hair shampoos, conditioner, oils, hair masks, serums and more.
  • Used to make body lotions, skin creams, sunscreens, and more skincare items.
  • Used in aromatherapies for calming the senses and elevating positivity.

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