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Mint Products

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Silverline Chemicals – one of the best Mint Products Manufacturers in India has been standing firm in the competitive domain for its four pillars, Purity, Integrity, Consistency and Customer Satisfaction. Being a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae, Mint needs no introduction. Since ancient times Mint Products has been used for adding flavor to food, confectioneries, drinks and oral care products and in pharmaceuticals for health characteristics.

We have been formulating and processing an extended range of Mint Products to target a broad audience globally. The cutting-edge technology with our manufacturing expertise always helps us meet industry norms for maximum customer satisfaction.

Possible Merits Of Mint Products:

  • Efficiently manage gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties with excellent anti-allergic effects.
  • The menthol presence in Mint Products helps break phlegm and mucus to cure common respiratory infections.
  • Uplift the flavor and fragrance of food, beverage and confectionery items.
  • It possesses relaxant properties that effectively cure common breathing issues by cleaning nasal congestion and chest congestion.
  • Moreover, Mint Products aids maintain a healthy weight. It contains properties that enable the release of digestive enzymes that ensure fat gets accumulated in the body and produce more energy.
  • Being loaded with germ-fighting properties, Mint Products is a powerful mouth freshener. Moreover, they have excellent use in oral care products for killing bacteria and promoting fresh mouth breath.
  • Thanks to the aromatic properties of Mint Products, these can be applied as oil for massage or inhaled as a vapor to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and heal depression.

Common Application Areas Of Mint Products:

  • Food/Beverage/Confectionery
  • Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Oral Care Industry
  • Cosmetic/Hair Care/Personal Care

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